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1902, 2022

ISPAS final meeting

19/02/2022|Categories: News and Announcements|

ISPAS final meeting will be held on February 24th, 2022 in Turin, Italy. The host of this closing event will be Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura della Compagnia di San Paolo.

2212, 2021

Educational innovation

22/12/2021|Categories: News and Announcements|

The course consists of four modules. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the main steps in organizing Olympiads of mathematics and informatics, the selection process and conduct of Summer Research schools, the specific features of Science Fairs and extra curriculum activities.

2112, 2021

FAIR data basics

21/12/2021|Categories: News and Announcements|

This course focuses on data management, as “good research needs good data”. The modules will follow the 3-step concept a. manage your data b. make them FAIR c. if possible, make them Open. A practical exercise on drafting the Data management Plan of real datasets is included.

2112, 2021

Open Science A to Z

21/12/2021|Categories: News and Announcements|

Open Science A to Z is a comprehensive course aimed at giving participants a 360° view on Open Science, Open Access, and European policies on the topic. During the practice time, participants will get first-hand experience of some of the tools. The interaction will be provided through Mentimeter.

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