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3011, 2021

Storytelling Workshop – Part II

30/11/2021|Categories: News and Announcements|

The workshop aims to provide PhD students with the knowledge and professional skills in terms of public speaking, digital communication - with a particular focus on social media, and on LinkedIn specifically - and storytelling, with the ultimate aim of providing them with the right tools to tell something about themselves and their research in different contexts (academic and non-academic) in a dynamic and engaging way, accessible to the general public and to a potential employer.

811, 2021

Scientific communication for scientists

08/11/2021|Categories: News and Announcements|

A doctoral studies course, intended for everyone that would like to learn how to use social media for research purposes, as well as for distribution and popularization of their scientific work and findings. The course would be in the form of practical advice and it will provide know-how that can directly be applied and put in practice in real-life examples. Every class would be recorded and then made available in video format. The video classes will be available to PhD students who have an interest in the topic discussed in the class and who aren’t able to attend the class in real-time.

810, 2021

Open Science A to Z

08/10/2021|Categories: News and Announcements|

Open Science A to Z is a comprehensive course aimed at giving participants a 360° view on open science, open access, and European policies on this topic. During the practice time, participants will get first-hand experience of some of the open science tools. Interaction between students and instructor will be enabled through Mentimeter.

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