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The aim of the course is improving entrepreneurship skills in a practical way by combining the TOY model, the Lean Startup and Agile development methodologies.

Throughout the course the candidates will work on development of entrepreneurship competences:

  1. Personal autonomy: confidence, desire to success or how to take decisions and solve problems.
  2. Leadership: management, communication and negotiation skills.
  3. Innovation: crativity, open minded.
  4. Business abilities: market oriented, financial issues and human resources. Marketing and communication strategies.

Furthermore, the course emphasizes development of skills related to investment readiness, as well as capacity to raise funds.


In accordance with the Open Science Agenda, incorporation of activities which makes it crucial for Higher Education Institutions including for European Universities to integrate new or existing Open Science and entrepreneurship skills courses.


After completion of the course, the candidate:

  • Has in depth understanding of how to start up a business.
  • Has advanced knowledge about entrepreneurship.
  • Has in depth understanding of the core principles of business modelling.
  • Has insight into the main marketing strategies and techniques.
  • Can judge the appropriateness and application of different business development tools.
  • Has specific knowledge about financial and funding issues.


After completion of the course, the candidate:

  • Can develop and discuss about business models.
  • Can discuss marketing strategies.
  • Can evaluate and assess financial and funding options.
  • Can develop, implement, evaluate and document a business plan.
  • Can use business development tools.
  • Can locate and understand main topics concerning entrepreneurship and starting up a business.

General competence

After completion of the course, the candidate:

  • Can identify and reflect on business ideas and business opportunities from a pre-incubation point of view.
  • Can identify and master entrepreneurship and business development tools to be applied


Module Topic Theory (hours) Practice (hours)
1 Entrepreneurial skills – Innovation 1,5 hrs 1,5 hrs
2 Entrepreneurial skills – Leadership 1 hr 1 hr
3 Entrepreneurial skills – Personal autonomy 1 hr 1 hr
4 Starting up – Idea and technology 1,5 hrs 1 hr
5 Starting up – State analysis 1 hr 1 hr
6 Starting up – IP strategy 0,5 hrs 1 hr
7 Starting up – Market analysis 1,5 hrs 1,5 hrs
8 Starting up – Hypothesis 1 hr 1 hr
9 Starting up – Resources 1 hr 1 hr

Learning Materials

The following course materials are available in ISPAS Zenodo community. All files are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

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